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Lawn Care Panama City, FL If you have a lawn on your property, you know exactly how much effort and time goes into maintaining it. While you need to get your lawn installed by experts, the only way it will continue to look good and stay healthy, is if it is maintained well. The company that handles landscape maintenance for you will also factor in lawn care into the contract. As part of these services they will come in at regular intervals and ensure that the grassy areas are looked after well.

New Visions Lawn and Landscape provides Lawn Care services to customers in and around Panama City, Panama City Beach, and Lynn Haven. They have also handled a number of projects for property owners across Callaway, Port St. Joe, as well as Santa Rosa Beach. The different solutions they provide include:


Your landscape is the backdrop of your home and it’s crucial that you get it installed and designed by expert professionals. The landscaping is always a mix and match of a number of different features such as hardscaping and softscaping as well as water features and fire features. The softscaping includes plants and shrubs and turf installations. These have to be used in the right proportion to ensure that the landscape has a well-balanced appearance.

Lawn Mower

A landscape maintenance company will also provide lawn mowing services. This is an essential component of any lawn care plan. The company will send over their personnel to mow your lawns, once every fortnight or as required. They will use advanced, commercial mowing equipment in the work. If there are some odd-shaped lawn spots, the grass in those areas will be trimmed manually. The mowing has to be done carefully and a certain amount of clipping should be left in the soil as well. This acts as manure and provides nutrition to the grass.

Lawn Care Services

Caring for a lawn isn’t an easy task- the grass has to be mowed and de-weeded. The fertilization and pest control schedule has to be set and the pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control will also have to be done in fall and spring. The personnel that handle lawn care for you will also ensure that these areas are watered with regularity and they will check whether the irrigation and drainage systems are working as they should.

Lawn Maintenance

If you have lawn spaces on your property, it’s best to hire expert professionals that would be able to provide customized lawn care plans. It is important that they design these plans especially for you as every lawn is different in terms of size, the type of grass and soil and the amount of wear and tear it sees. This also means the grass needs special care and only experienced professionals will be able to tackle this job well.

When you want Lawn Care solutions that match your needs and budget, you should look for a company that will be able to provide custom solutions, like New Visions Lawn and Landscape. Hiring experienced and expert professionals for the job ensures you get the kind of outdoor space you like.

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