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Landscape Services in Lynn Haven, FL

Landscape Services, Lynn Haven, FL Landscaping projects require a variety of services, including excavation. When it comes to a landscape design and installation project, it involves various phases and requires the expertise of professionals to ensure it's done correctly. Apart from just installing hardscapes and softscapes, it includes excavation, fence installation, and stump grinding services. Our company in Lynn Haven, FL provides clients with a wide range of solutions to ensure their landscaping needs are met.

Excavation services are crucial when leveling the ground and preparing the area for construction. New Visions Lawn & Landscape Inc.’s team of experts uses the latest equipment and techniques to complete the work safely and efficiently. Fence installation is another essential service that can enhance the security levels of your home and improve its appearance.
Stump grinding is also necessary in cases where stumps are left from tree removals. We provide customized site-clearing services, including stump grinding to ready the space for landscape development.


Landscaping projects require various services, including excavation work, and our company offers this vital service. Whether you need the grading of your property to be fixed, slopes to be corrected, or retaining walls to be constructed, we use the latest equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently. Our experienced team understands that excavation work is the foundation for any construction project. We take great care to ensure the area is properly prepared before any work starts.

We will remove all the debris and soil safely and efficiently from your property once the work is completed. You can trust us to complete your excavation project with precision and skill, ensuring that your landscaping project has a solid foundation. Contact us to learn more about our excavation solutions.


Installing fencing around your home dramatically increases its safety, privacy, and curb appeal. Professionals, however, must install your fence if they want it to be strong and endure for many years. Our organization is committed to meeting your specific fence requirements and preferences. We listen carefully to your needs, concerns, and ideas before developing individualized strategies that match your home. Whether you need a new fence or want to replace an existing one, we can handle jobs of any size.

Wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, and many more fence materials and designs are all available from us. We exclusively utilize high-quality materials to guarantee that your fence installation is beautiful and long-lasting. Our crew will install your fence promptly while minimizing any inconvenience it may cause to your daily routine.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps damage a yard or garden's aesthetic value when left there. They are unattractive and may even be dangerous if someone were to trip on them. Termites and wood-boring insects, among others, can use tree stumps as a breeding site and then attack other plants in your yard or garden. Eliminating the stump entirely is necessary to avoid this.

Our company offers individualized stump grinding services to keep your garden or yard nice and tidy. After we're done, we'll clean the area of any remaining wood chips and grind the tree stump to within 6 inches of the ground. When developing a solution for a customer, we consider their unique set of circumstances and preferences.

For more details about our excavation, fencing, and stump grinding services in Panama City, please call New Visions Lawn & Landscape Inc. at 850-558-5590. If you prefer to send us your queries and requests through email, please use this Online Form, and one of our representatives will call you back soon to understand your requirements.
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